Reasons to Hire a Chauffeur from Chauffeur City

Sometimes getting someone else to do the driving can let you a peace of mind, especially when you get a busy day. Now you have two options, one is to hire a taxi and the second one is to hire a private chauffeur provider. The public transport system, especially in Melbourne, has a huge network to offer a diverse transportation service. But it is economical and convenient for the locals. For long travel or for pick-up services, you cannot rely on them. For that, the best choice for you is to hire a Chauffeur from private Chauffeur provider. Take a plunge and book your choice of car from the chauffeur provider. From the well-settled Chauffeured cars provider, you can give the best travel experience to your client. Experienced Chauffeured car provider makes your clients feel pampered. Here are the reasons to take the plunge and book a professional driver today!

More affordable than you think

Yes, it is true, the professional chauffeur service providers are affordable, they are not as expensive as you’re thinking. If you’re new and hiring a taxi, then there are the chances that the taxi driver takes the longest route to charge high with the ticking meter points. And for sure you’re never going to know about it that the ride hit you in the hip pocket until you reach your destination. The professional chauffeur service provider offers an attractive, and allow you to check the price for the different category of vehicles. Here, at Chauffeur City, you can easily pre-book and Prepay your ride instantly.

Pay for great service and professionalism

Once you opt to slide into the passenger seat of a vehicle, you expect that the driver values your safety as he values his own life. Whenever we expect to hire someone we want them to provide a superior experience. A professionally trained driver has local knowledge that’s second to none, along with, most importantly, a ‘can do’ attitude. Which you can’t get if you hire a taxi. Also, with the professional chauffeur services give the consistency in the vehicle, they guaranteed each time you use Hughes limousines as opposed to any old vehicle showing up. Professional chauffeur services are streets ahead of the competition when it comes to ensuring the best drivers and the very best cars.

Help you in building the best impression

As we all know that, a first impression matters a lot. Nothing can be better in creating a first impression than a professional chauffeur service. Chauffeur City provide you with Chauffeur with a luxurious vehicle. The Chauffeur at Chauffeur City guarantees that you and your clients won’t have to wait for extra time and organize a glitch-free airport transfer. We value a time and enjoy reaching the destination before scheduled hours which is no such assured by a taxi driver.

In addition, professional chauffeur services are not only for the rich and famous people. Chauffeur City provide the best range of Luxury car service  Melbourne for all type of people across Australia and New Zealand

Hire the Luxury Limos Service to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

If you’ve just gotten engaged, Congratulation! One survey says, there are 96 percents of engaged couples feel stressed while planning their wedding. Some of them said organizing and planning their wedding is not just stressful, but it is very stressful. You and even we all want our special day perfect and memorable. There are various things to keep in mind like selecting a venue, themes for different ceremonies, and most importantly the number of vehicles required for guests transfers and for you also.

Don’t allow yourself to be stressed and exhausted on your special day at your wedding. Just trust on the third party and allow them to handle few works. To make the special day of your life distinguished, convenient and safe, choose a luxury car hire Melbourne. With the best chauffeur service in Melbourne, Australia makes your guests feel special and travel with elegance.

Before you plan to hire anyone for any services, make sure you have selected the right one. When it comes to hiring a Chauffeured car make sure that you choose the right service consulting all available options. Take the pricing quotation and the number of cars you want. By hiring a luxury chauffeured cars it gives you a relaxation, royal feel, comfort and most important it styles your wedding day differently.

As a bride and groom, you want to outstand yourselves on your special day, to make your partner feel special and extraordinary hiring a limo service helps you in that. Some of the Luxury Limousines includes state of the art entertainment system, comfy leather seats, a beverage station, and climate control heating with the air conditioning.

The Chauffeur City you can get a licensed well-trained driver with the fully inspected limo without any faults. If you want a limousine with luxury amenities to book your car in advance to get the service on time. With Chauffeur City, you can get a wide range of luxurious cars to handle your requirement anywhere, any time of your need. Book your luxury limos for your wedding as per your budget and your needs. Luxury Limos with licensed Chauffeur available in any your desired colours.

Get the Best Fleet Service For the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival 2018

November is almost here and with the spring our most awaited event Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is here too. If you’re living in Melbourne then you are very well aware of this horse racing carnival. If you have a ticket of the Melbourne Cup 2018 Race day than make sure to be there before the time. So, you get a good place to set yourself up for the whole day of racing. For that, you can pre-book your chauffeur car service with Chauffeur City Car Service. We believe in offering time to time services under affordable prices.

About the Spring Racing Carnival,

The Spring racing carnival is a well-known festival event in Australia. Every year during October and November thoroughbred horse racing series are held in Melbourne. This spring carnival has all the elements to make your day memorable with family and friends. To make it memorable from the beginning to end we at Chauffeur City provides you, with the best transportation experience we offer a comfortable and luxurious ride so that you can arrive at the event in style.

Why choose us,

If you are looking for the chauffeur to make your spring carnival journey amazing, check Chauffeur City Car Service. We guarantee you that you’ll get the best start treatment from us.

  • Pre-book your choice of European vehicle, SUVs, Luxury Sedan or Premium Euro
  • Our team ensures that all the vehicles are perfectly maintained so you won’t be experiencing any delays…
  • Our fleet is driven by experienced driver’s who have a firm commitment towards your safety and comfort.
  • On the way back from the carnival if you’re feeling too tired then you can comfortably relax in the lap of luxury.
  • You can provide us with any changes to your itinerary and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Easy payment options are available. We accept cards, cash, PayPal, and cab charge.

Book your ride to the spring carnival racing with Chauffeur City, contact us on  (+61) 401 886 000 or email us at We assure you that we’ll get back to you with a customised quote as quickly as possible.

Please note: Special Event Bookings such as but not limited to “Grand Prix, Spring Carnival, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day, Avalon Airshow, Australian Open and AFL Grand Final, Melbourne cup, Weddings, Tours, On hold bookings” will incur surcharge and pricing will be upon request.

10 Reasons To Use Chauffeur Services

While hiring a chauffeur might sound like more of a luxury than a necessity. In reality, there are a number of reasons that it makes perfect sense. You may not realize that a chauffeured limo is actually very cost-effective, as well as convenient, enjoyable, and stylish.

Following are some of the reasons that you should consider using a chauffeur:

More Economical

Compared to other rental cars, a chauffeur-driven limo is more affordable. Especially if you have to book a rental car at the last minute, in which case you can expect to pay good money and it’s more expensive. However, with a reputable chauffeur company, you can book in advance or contact the company upon arrival at an airport and still spend less than renting a car.

Easy Navigation

When renting a car, you have to spend time looking for the rental company. With a chauffeur, you simply look for a professionally dressed driver holding a sign with your name clearly visible, they are happy to help you with the luggage or strapping your kids into their car seat.

No Down Time

You do not have to walk through the airport searching for the rental car counters, No waiting in line to sign papers, and then being rushed to a rented vehicle, there is no wasted time.

No Road Concerns

Instead of trying to find your way out of a busy airport when visiting a new city, you simply leave the driving to an experienced chauffeur.

Timely Arrivals

you’ll never worry that our cars won’t arrive on time, whether you are traveling for a business meeting or to the airport or just for a night out, we are on time every time.

No Parking Stress

Parking is a Headache which is something you never have to deal with a chauffeur-driven car it dramatically reduces stress and saves time.

Immaculate Vehicles

Reputable limousine companies maintain a fleet of pristine vehicles, so you can be picked up and dropped off in style.

Make An Impression

If you are traveling with a co-worker or an important client, having an immaculate chauffeur driven car leaves a lasting impression.


Because chauffeurs who work for the best limo companies go through extensive training and licensing, you know you will arrive safely and on time but also be provided with exceptional service along the way.

Hiring The Best In Business

Remember that there are many limo companies so you want to hire the best. Where you’re made to feel like a star!

To hire affordable Chauffeur Service contact us at 0401 886 000 or visit Chauffeur City website for pricing details as well as online booking.

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