The Easiest Way to Hire a Convertible Luxury Cars Melbourne


Melbourne is a city in the southern Australian state of Victoria which is especially known for its coffee shop, live music, and cobbled streets. The best way to explore the beauty of Melbourne is by hiring a Luxury car service Melbourne. Explore all places from the business district to the beautiful beaches. These are some different vibes in the air of Melbourne which is easy to fall in love with.


There are many parts of Melbourne and that all has its own unique identity with a wonderful atmosphere. With the Luxury Car Hire Melbourne, you can freely visit the open spaces and greenery such as the St Kilda Road runs alongside the Queen Victoria Gardens and Royal Botanical Gardens. To relax in the sun, visit St Kilda Beach in Melbourne. The Docklands area has a sports stadium, the Melbourne Observation Wheel, trendy waterside restaurants, and excellent shopping. As to driving up from Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane or tackling a longer cross country route hiring a car rental service can be the best decision.


If you’re one of them who think that traveling the world means you need to leave or compromise with the luxuries than in the case of exploring cities in Australia it is wrong. By Luxury Car Hire Melbourne without compromising your standard of living you can explore all parts of Australia. Indulge your next Car Hire from Chauffeur City, with the choice of the brand such as Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover and more.


Chauffeur City – Luxury car service Melbourne have a wide and impressive range of vehicles to choose in Australia. To find your preferred vehicle whether it is from the wedding, airport travel or for the private tour you can book your fleet online on our website of or simply call them on (+61) 401-886-000

Make Christmas shopping a pleasure with our chauffeur car service

Christmas Is Coming! Festival means it’s time to shop for yourself and buying gifts for loved ones. Here is Australia traveling from one place to another is the biggest challenge for shopping lovers. The hustle and bustle of shopping for the ones we care are one of the happiest things to do. This festival season spends a wonderful time picking wonderful presents for family and friends. Finding a gift becomes an easy task when you know about your family and loved ones. But the real hassle is finding a cab and traveling from one place to another with those gift bags.Just imagine yourself waiting outside, hands full of gift bags and waiting for cabs, to solve that we have a perfect solution, hire a Chauffeur and take the travel strain. Hire a Chauffeur car service who zip you around town, from door to door and whenever you want to shop. If you are looking for an affordable and trusted chauffeur provider for your Christmas Shopping destinations, Chauffeur City offers the height of luxury and comfort and most importantly a trusted chauffeur to help you with your bags and deliver you back.

With the pleasure of having your own private car with the well-trained driver who knows all the ways in Australia, skips the traffic area, chauffeur city is the ideal solution this Christmas holiday seasons. Select Chauffeur City to the transport of the most luxurious kind is available and our services are accessible for everyone. We also offer services to your desired location, like a pickup to the airport service, wedding car service, private tour service and many more. Our services include different sized vehicles to meet your needs and your companions. Let us be of help and we will take care of your traveling experience. Contact us to get a Chauffeured car in Australia.


Exclusive benefits of hiring a Chauffeur for A Christmas Party 2018

Whether it’s a Christmas party or a new year eve party, attending and special time during this festival celebration with family, friends, and colleagues is always a memorable and fun moment. Treat yourself with some care and luxurious moment by booking an executive chauffeur service and arrive in style this Christmas with Chauffeur City – Luxury Car Hire Melbourne. Taking care of yourself by booking a chauffeur service is not a sensible option but it’s a stylish one. Here are reasons hire a chauffeur service for this Christmas parties.

Safest Way to Travel this Christmas

No one wants to be prosecuted for drinking alcohol while this Christmas at the wheel of a car. Ever glass of wine might put you over your limit, and after that driving your car by yourself is risky and after that taking public transport is riskier. Hiring a trusted chauffeur service provider is the only safest and the best option in this case.

Arrive on Time

By hiring a professional chauffeur service you can reach early, completely punctual or fashionably late at the Christmas or new year eve party. A professional chauffeur knows all the roads and provides you the most timely services. You can leave at the time when you want and arrive whenever you want.

Arrive in Style

We all dressed to impress, so why not arrive in style? After getting ready for Christmas party and taking public transport is not a good option, also traveling through public transport can ruin your dress too. Also, traveling in a party dress late at a night in bus or train is not safe too.  A chauffeur driven cars are the best and the only one option in cases like this.

Arrive in Style

No doubt you’ll be dressed to impress, so why not arrive in style too? Chauffeur driven cars are top of the range, immaculate and stylish. A glamorous you deserves glamorous transportation and this is one sure way to make heads turn upon your arrival.

Enjoy the finer things in life this Christmas

There’s so many time you’ve putted yourself last. But now it’s a time to stop doing that. Take a break from your busy life and enjoy that coastal drive you’ve been meaning to do from years and years. By hiring a professional chauffeur service you can get a luxurious experience from your door to the venue of the Christmas party. Enjoy what it’s like to be on the receiving end of some pampering for once. As the chauffeur services are not just for the rich and famous people, they’re for everyone who wants to travel with comfort and stress-free. Chauffeur City provides Luxury Car Hire Melbourne, avail of our services across Australia. We offer a flexible and secure online booking, to book your ride contact us


5 Top Reasons to Choose a Limousine Service for Wedding Occasion

No doubt, the wedding day is a huge milestone for all of us. We all expect thing perfect from the moment of ‘I do’ to the day of your wedding. Special for girls, perfection in the dresses to the stunning venue and wedding theme then want everything perfect to make that day of her life memorable. To make your day more special you can travel in style with a luxurious limousineLimo service is actually availed by huge numbers of people, especially for their wedding. To get best and good stressless travel to reach the destination on time you can hire limo service provider in Australia.  Chauffeur City is a star quality provider for you at your wedding. Decorated luxury cars and limos make beautiful wedding photos. Here are the reasons why should you limousine service for your wedding occasion,

Arrive in style and in perfect comfort

Limos are especially known for its style, class, and elegance. Chauffeur City gives you the highest level of luxury and comfort imaginable under a cost-effective budget. You can customize the decoration on limo as per your wedding theme. Limos are the great way to make a grand entry to the wedding day which makes heads turn in amazement. Travel from the home or hotel to your wedding place in perfect comfort and style.

Get huge space and privacy

Limos are mostly available for space up to 16 and even 18 members. You can make your journey from the hotel to the wedding place with friends and family. Also, limos offer you and your partner some alone time from the ceremony location to your wedding venue. Hiring limo service gives you a time to celebrate your marriage and enjoy your own special toast in private before your busy wedding reception

Stressless travel experience

Like in other vehicles, hiring limo service allows you to ride stress and tension free. Chauffeur City make sure all the things like, you won’t have to worry about parking sites, engine failure, tire blowouts, and many other problems. Our trained chauffeur makes sure that the journey for you remains pleasant. In short, you can get a hassle-free ride to reach the destination with limo service from Chauffeur City.

Enhance your wedding theme

If creating a strong wedding theme is your consent then think more than just decorating tables. Choose Chauffeur City limo wedding car service to enhance your wedding vibes. Choose a Wedding limos Melbourne for your wedding decorated as per your wedding theme and amaze people.

Create wonderful memories

A luxury limo car is not just about cost, it is about creating perfect memories which will remain etched for you in your head. The impeccably dressed and professionally trained chauffeurs from Chauffeur City always try to offer limo service which will cordially show the guests to the door, and ensure a smooth ride. Just relax and make perfect memories of the event that will linger in the minds long after the event ends.  

Book your wedding limo early with Chauffeur City to get budget-friendly limo in your desired colour.  To book limo in Australia call us on 0401886000 or book online.

Reasons to Hire a Chauffeur from Chauffeur City

Sometimes getting someone else to do the driving can let you a peace of mind, especially when you get a busy day. Now you have two options, one is to hire a taxi and the second one is to hire a private chauffeur provider. The public transport system, especially in Melbourne, has a huge network to offer a diverse transportation service. But it is economical and convenient for the locals. For long travel or for pick-up services, you cannot rely on them. For that, the best choice for you is to hire a Chauffeur from private Chauffeur provider. Take a plunge and book your choice of car from the chauffeur provider. From the well-settled Chauffeured cars provider, you can give the best travel experience to your client. Experienced Chauffeured car provider makes your clients feel pampered. Here are the reasons to take the plunge and book a professional driver today!

More affordable than you think

Yes, it is true, the professional chauffeur service providers are affordable, they are not as expensive as you’re thinking. If you’re new and hiring a taxi, then there are the chances that the taxi driver takes the longest route to charge high with the ticking meter points. And for sure you’re never going to know about it that the ride hit you in the hip pocket until you reach your destination. The professional chauffeur service provider offers an attractive, and allow you to check the price for the different category of vehicles. Here, at Chauffeur City, you can easily pre-book and Prepay your ride instantly.

Pay for great service and professionalism

Once you opt to slide into the passenger seat of a vehicle, you expect that the driver values your safety as he values his own life. Whenever we expect to hire someone we want them to provide a superior experience. A professionally trained driver has local knowledge that’s second to none, along with, most importantly, a ‘can do’ attitude. Which you can’t get if you hire a taxi. Also, with the professional chauffeur services give the consistency in the vehicle, they guaranteed each time you use Hughes limousines as opposed to any old vehicle showing up. Professional chauffeur services are streets ahead of the competition when it comes to ensuring the best drivers and the very best cars.

Help you in building the best impression

As we all know that, a first impression matters a lot. Nothing can be better in creating a first impression than a professional chauffeur service. Chauffeur City provide you with Chauffeur with a luxurious vehicle. The Chauffeur at Chauffeur City guarantees that you and your clients won’t have to wait for extra time and organize a glitch-free airport transfer. We value a time and enjoy reaching the destination before scheduled hours which is no such assured by a taxi driver.

In addition, professional chauffeur services are not only for the rich and famous people. Chauffeur City provide the best range of Luxury car service  Melbourne for all type of people across Australia and New Zealand